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Kentucky Inn

Est. 1954

About us

Welcome to our version of the traditional yet contemporary neighborhood gathering place.

The Kentucky Inn is proud to be locally owned and operated. We are local Coloradans dedicated to serving great food and libations in a cozy, fun environment.

We've been around long enough to know a wonderful neighborhood when we see one, which is why in August 2016 we purchased the Kentucky Inn with plans to turn the venerable 100-year-old building into the preeminent pub in West Wash Park.

The refurb transformed the historic structure into a modern sports bar with a full-service kitchen.

Our goal, with all the changes, was to make the Kentucky a warmer, friendlier place to share good times with friends and celebrate life in our beloved Colorado.

We also strived to preserve the ambiance of the Kentucky, keeping our classic bar that has been in place in 1954.

We hope you find the new and improved Kentucky Inn is the perfect blend of old and new.

Thanks for joining us on our journey, we're glad you're here!

Your hosts,
Jim, Greg & Becky