Colorado Craft Beers – Draft           

Tangerine Cream – Cream Ale, ABV 5.1%, Denver

Madagascar Dream – Nitro Cream Ale, ABV 6.7%, Platte Park

Avery White Rascal – Witbier, ABV 5.6%, Boulder

90 Shilling – Scottish Ale, ABV 5.3%, Fort Collins

Sparks Fly, American IPA, ABV 6.2%, Denver

Juicy Banger, American IPA, ABV 7.5%, Denver

Odell’s Sippin’ Pretty – Fruited Sour Ale, ABV 4.5%, Fort Collins

Dales Pale Ale – American Pale Ale, ABV 6.5%, Longmont

Bierstadt Helles – Lager Helles, ABV 4.4%, Denver

Great Divide Hazy IPA, New England IPA, ABV 6.2%, Denver

Mountain Time Lager, Lager, ABV 4.4%, Ft Collins

Graham Cracker Porter, Porter, ABV 5.6%, Denver

Craft Beer From Other States

Tank 7 (10oz) – Saison, ABV 8.5%, Michigan

805 Blonde, Blonde Ale, ABV 4.7%, California

More Drafts – Domestics, Imports & Ciders

Bud Light – Light Lager, ABV 4.2%, Missouri

Stella Artois – Euro Pale Lager, ABV 5%, Belgium

Guinness – Irish Dry Stout, ABV 4.2%, Ireland

Stem Off Dry Cider, ABV 5.8%, Denver

Colorado Craft Canned Beers

Dry Dock Apricot Sour – Sour, ABV 5.1%, Aurora

Knee Knocker Porter – Porter, ABV 5.2%, Loveland

Face Down Brown, Brown Ale, ABV 5.7%, Telluride

Slow Chill Helles, Vienna Style Lager, ABV 5.7%, Longmont

Craft Canned Beers From Other States

Boulevard Kolsh – Saison/Farmhouse Ale, ABV 8.5%, Missouri

Melvin Killer Bees – Blonde Ale, ABV 5%, Wyoming

Summer Shandy, Weiss Beer, ABV 4.2%, Wisconsin

Montucky Cold Snacks Tall Boy – Lager, ABV 3.9%, Montana

Founders Green Zebra, Gose Style Ale, ABV 4.6%, Michigan

Tecate, Lager, ABV 4.5%, Baja

​Domestic, Import & Hard Seltzer Cans

Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Boy – Lager, ABV 4.6%, Wisconsin

White Claw Assorted Flavors – Hard Seltzer Water, ABV 5%, Chicago

$8.00 Can and Shot Specials

American Standard
PBR & Jim Beam

Jack & A Snack
Montucky Cold Snack & Jack Daniel’s

Dirty Sanchez
Tecate & Sauza Gold

The Old Blue Blood
Montucky Cold Snack & Old Grand Dad

​Domestic/Import Bottles

Budweiser – Lager, ABV 5%, Missouri

Bud Light – Light Lager, ABV 4.2%, Missouri

Coors Original – Lager, ABV 5%, Golden

Coors Light – Light Lager, ABV 4.2%, Golden

Miller High Life – Lager, ABV 4.6%, Wisconsin

Miller Lite – 4.25 Pilsner, ABV 4.17%, Wisconsin

Corona – Mexican Lager, ABV 4.5%, Mexico

Pacifico – Light Mexican Lager, ABV 4.5%, Mexico

​Non-Alcoholic Beer

​St. Pauli N/A – Non-Alcoholic, Germany